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Sobem Mandarin

Gifts Of The Spirit

Implication here is that the Word of God is energy, powerful energy at that! Who am I Where do I come from ? Why am I here What can I do their ability capable of doing What is my future- destiny


As negative thinking loses its grip, you are replacing those thoughts with life

Speaking In Tongues

2. David Diga Hernadez Praying in the Holy Spirit 3. 20 reasons fos speaking in tongues 5. Overcoming hinderances in speaking in tongues...

Holy Spirit

What is the Holy Spirit? What is the Holy Spirit and why he is so extremely important for every Christian? Find out today what the Holy Spirit is and start experiencing the presence, power and love of God as never before. Where does he...

Standing Strong Against Coronavirus COVID-19 With Kenneth Copeland

In this special VICTORY news segment, Kenneth Copeland, Pastor Gene Bailey and Pastor Greg Stephens discuss facts about the Coronavirus/COVID-19, how to dispel the fear caused by the news and social media, and how you can respond from a perspective of faith. This...